Memorial Lutheran encourages people to assist Genacross Lutheran Services with their Mask Drive


Join us for our Easter Sunday Drive In Service.  Only cars are permitted and everyone MUST remain in their car for the entire service. 


Here’s some material provided by the Synod with daily activities and devotionals


Dear Family of Faith of Memorial Lutheran Church,

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus our Crucified and Risen Lord.   I am writing to let you know of new information about Memorial’s response to the Corona Virus Situation that is among us.  Thank you for all the people who came last Sunday to worship.  It was a truly beautiful worship time.

After more prayer and listening to the efforts our state is making right now, I have decided to suspend worship past Easter, and suspend all programs, meetings, study etc., and I will let you know where we are heading closer to Easter.  We are working to put our worship service on youtube and link to our webpage. Our secretary will be emailing a full Bulletin and sermon to all on our email list.  If you don’t have email and would like it mailed, we will do that as well.  Our Christian Life Coordinator, will be coordinating with our teachers to put up Sunday School and Catechism work by email/text.  Our Council is continuing their work and working on emergency policies.

Our staff will be calling all of you, and the staff is setting up other emergency communication procedures.  Our staff is still working at the office, but we are preparing to work at home if necessary and come in on separate days to work alone in the office.  We ask that you do not visit the office, but please call if you need to come to pick up something or bring something and thank you for abiding to social distancing practices.   The staff will be continuing to work, whether at home or at church. 

This could be a very frightening time, but know God is with us.  Pray for the staff, the council, the leadership, our congregation.  This may be a time of challenge, but it is also a time of opportunity.  Let God take you places that are new and refreshing and life-giving.  Do not fear the good that God is doing in the midst of the troubles we might face.   Call people to check on them, and if you find people need things we have volunteers that can help.  I am not allowed to visit Nursing homes, retirement committees or hospitals except for end of life situtations, but I can be available in other ways.

Memorial, I know that we can continue to worship together, our format is just different.  We are practicing different methods of fellowship and education, but they can be abundant blessings for us all.  Remember to thank God and worship him in prayer, study, service, and offerings, and remember to call if you need anything.  We are in this together.

God bless you and keep you safe.

Love and blessings to you all,



Rev. A.N. Mary Adelsberger

Pastor, Memorial Lutheran Church of Toledo, Ohio