Rev. A.N. Mary Adelsberger


So glad you are on Memorial Lutheran Church’s official website.  Let me introduce myself and tell you some history:

I moved to Toledo with my husband, Greg Silliman, from California in January when I received a call to Memorial.  I had never been to Ohio, and we are enjoying everything wonderful that Toledo is offering to us.  We have truly been blessed to have settled here.  I have served churches in California for the past 30 plus years.  I also worked in various jobs during school, and before and after graduation from Seminary.  In either in management or social services.   I was born in Leduc Alberta, and spent my summers there growing up.

I graduated from California Lutheran University with BA degrees in English and German and a minor in music, and from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity.  Every year thereafter I have taken various courses in different types of ministry, earning degrees and certificates.

But all that doesn’t really matter, it’s a means to being able to do what matters…living for Christ and serving Him by answering the call to live and work among you all.  I believe relationship is most important…ours with God and ours with each other.  And I can’t wait to meet and embrace a relationship with you.  Together as a community of faith, as children of God, and as the Body of Christ, we will work to build more relationships and bridge our God to the world through our faith and work.

I am proud to be Pastor of Memorial Lutheran and look forward to the ways this church will grow and work with all communities to thrive and be fully alive in Christ’s Love.

Shelly Mulkey

Administrative Assistant

Carol Topolski

Director of Music

Sandy Hill

Wedding Coordinator

Mia Schlegel

Nursery Attendant