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Memorial Lutheran Church

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 Toledo , Ohio 43606

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Worship Ministry

Teresa Loga

  The mission of the Worship Ministry is to enhance the worship experience and create a relevant experience for all ages to engage members and grow their faith.  The committee coordinates the Altar Guild, Lectors, Ushers, and Greeters for all services.  It also develops musicians and choirs in coordination with the director or music and pastor.  It works with the Multimedia Team for worship activities by assisting in the development of presentations, slide-shows, videos and other media to enhance the worship experience.  The committee works with the drama group as needed in the production of performance pieces to be incorporated into worship.  It oversees the Worship Visioning Group by scheduling meetings, recruiting members, and assisting in bringing the group's ideas to fruition.  The committee assists in the planning of worship services, including the mid-week Lenten services.  It also coordinates all aspects of the worship experience to ensure that thematic elements are cohesive and carried through all aspects of the worship experience.  This includes coordination with other ministries including, but not limited to, Education, Stewardship, and Missions.