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Memorial Lutheran Church

3215 Douglas Rd.

 Toledo , Ohio 43606

Phone 419-472-2161

Welcome One and All Come Join Us Just the way you are!

Summer Sunday Worship Services 8:30 & 10:00 am

Sunday school  will resume in fall

Special Needs

Focus On…

We feel so blessed to minister  in the name of Jesus Christ.

 Our goal is to help each person discover Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him and to live out that relationship in practical ways, each day.

Here at Memorial, we want you to know that you are special.  

You are  always welcome to come worship with us just the way you are.

You are worthy of love.

You can be forgiven.

You are a person of hope and value.

I encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

In Christ’s Love

Pastor Craig

 Change is inevitable,

But yet we fight it, just the same.

Change is essential to our evolution.

Change is going to happen,

In fact, it happens every day,

Maybe it is too small to see, or perhaps we would rather not see it.

We fight change, because we fight the unknown,

We fight the unknown, because we are scared,

Scared of change, scared of the unknown.

If we were to allow change to happen freely,

We might find solutions to the problems that exist around us,

But instead, we are hung - up on controlling everything around us.

Maybe this is the problem with the world today.

Everyone assumes control of everything and does not allow nature to run her course.

Maybe this is why, we have devastating fall out from Nature,

Natural catastrophic disasters, such as fire and flooding.

We fight change, therefore we are fighting nature and her natural being and her existence

in the world that she has created by God's hand and has graciously allowed us to be a

part of.

We should welcome change and allow nature to control our destiny.

Change is uncontrollable,

Change is inevitable,

Change is the unknown.

Nature takes pride in being one of life's illusive wonders, the unknown.

Welcome Change